Nick fuckin Danger (nickgettler) wrote in do_me_hardcore,
Nick fuckin Danger

Name: Nick "Danger" Gettler
Age: 18
Sex: Male and yes
Location: Brandon, Florida
Favorite Band’s: Comeback Kid, Hatebreed, Headvice, On Broken Wings, Poision the Well, Sublime, Underoath, Unearth
Bands you dislike: Good Charlotte, Newer Blink 182, The Offspring, No Doubt, U2, The Ramones
Favorite Movies: Snatch, Constantine, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Old School
Movies you dislike: Titantic, Next Friday, Friday after Next, Barber Shop, Barber Shop 2
Favorite Pastimes: Litsening to music and hanging out
Favorite Book or Magazine: Transworld Skate and Thrasher
If you were to choose any super power what super power would it be? Mind Control
What famous celebrity would you most like to date?Brittney Spears
Why do you think you deserve to be in this community? Because im fucking awesome
Leave THREE pictures of yourself proving how hot you are! We will not accept you with any less then three pic’s…

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