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Name: Jessica Duffy
Age: 15 16 in august
Sex:female and no thanks.
Location: El paso, tx(home of atthe drive in)oh how i'm proud.
Favorite Band’s:weezer,bright eyes, desaparacidos,rilo kiley,the faint, the good life, cursive,fugazi,sigur ros, at the drive in,sparta,the mars volta,the blood brothers,glass jaw, modest mouse,thursday,death cab forcutie,le tigre,deerhoof, bjork, thrice,armor for sleep,mogwai, godspeed you!black emperor,hellogoodbye,somethign corporate,make believe,cap n' jazz,saves theday, the weakerthans, a static lullaby, alkaline trio,the album leaf, explosions in thee sky.......etc..etc..
Bands you dislike: taking back sunday, planes mistaken for stars, slipknot, yellowcard,new found glory
Favorite Movies: eternal sunshine for the spotless mind, pi,royal tennenboms(sp),coffee and ciggarettes,napolean dynamite,life or somethign like it, i could list lots moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Movies you dislike: lastkiss, flash dance, dirty dancing, anaconda, any sequals to most movies
Favorite Pastimes: sing,draw,photography,guitar,keyboard,dance,shows,music.
Favorite Book or Magazine (hint hint): 1984-george Orwell
If you were to choose any super power what super power would it be? invisibility-so i can see boys naked in the locker room...hehe
What famous celebrity would you most like to date? Johnny Deppooh la la, Conor Oberst..oh baby
Why do you think you deserve to be in this community? Because i'm honest, fun, blunt,funny, and easy to get along with
Leave THREE pictures of yourself proving how hot you are! We will not accept you with any less then three pic’s…

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