Tina. (ninetwoeight) wrote in do_me_hardcore,

Name: Tina
Age: 17
Sex: Rough please
Location: South NJ
Favorite Band’s: Hot Rod Circuit of course, Most Precious Blood (just saw them last night again), Poison the Well (Opp. of Dec. ONLY), Everytime I die, Norma Jean (OLD), Evergreen terrace, Throwdown, etc. etc. Mostly hardcore/metalcore/grind.. But don't worry, I don't think I'm tough. Tuff, however we are spelling it nowadays.
Bands you dislike: Senses Fail, Brand New, My Chemical Romance, From First to Last, Fall Out Boy, Matchbook, Incubus, etc.
Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Closer, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine, Life As A House, Cruel Intentions, Spun, etc.
Movies you dislike: Most Sci Fi I guess, I love all movies really.
Favorite Pastimes: Music, writing, gymnastics, reading, i actually enjoy my job, whatever i'm up for
Favorite Book or Magazine (hint hint): Aimee, Fight Club, Lullaby, Dreamland, Fearless series and I truly don't read magazines besides the funny ones at the mall that are defintely fake.
If you were to choose any super power what super power would it be? Invisible, defintely. That would be so handy. I'm jealous.
What famous celebrity would you most like to date? Hmm, typical answer here: Jake Epstein<3
Why do you think you deserve to be in this community? Because it needs a little spice, and I can try and get it alive (I only say that because lots of posts say it's dead)

Leave THREE pictures of yourself proving how hot you are! We will not accept you with any less then three pic’s…

I'm hoping it can be more than 3. I can't decide which, because you really can't judge yourself. This may not prove I'm hot, but I'll give it a try

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